About Ann’s Bakery

Anns Bakery in 1946Ann’s Bakery is Tulsa’s oldest scratch bakery. This is the way the bakery looked in the beginning. During Tulsa’s bread shortage after World War II (the result of a baker’s strike) customers formed “bread lines” extending for blocks outside Ann’s Bakery and other smaller retail bakeries, which were the only shops baking bread.

Ann’s Bakery, located at 7 North Harvard in Tulsa has changed in looks over the years. Ann’s family lived over the bakery in the early days. The photos above (taken in 1946) show Tulsan’s waiting in line for bread.

Four Generations at Ann's BakeryFour generations carry out the tradition at Ann’s Bakery: Grandaughter Shannon Harris, great-grandaughter and great-grandsons, Jordan Morey, Joe and Jake Morey, daughter Sharon Pollock, and Ann Bay herself!